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    Project Overall information
    1 Terminal client: 
    2★ Solution company: 
    3★ Project name or code:
    4★ Product application : Mobile/ navigation system/vehicle-mounted / industral control etc
    5 Application OS:
    6★ TP interface :SPI /  IIC /USB or others
    7★ Display resolution Please provide LCD display datasheet if you have
    8★ Display Active area: LCD Active area diagonal size: inch
    9 CTP Active area: touch screen active area diagonal size: inch  
    10★ Whether there is a design touch button outside the AA area of the display screen If yes, please tell us the touch button quantity and specific location 
    Project schedule 11★ Sample request time and Qty.
    12 PVT :
    13 MP Time
    14 Estimated order status, K/M or   K/Y,Project life cycle:  Year
     Capacitive touch scdreen application requests  15  Touch function request: single 、 Two gestures (gesture recognition) 、 True multi-point(inform all coordinateof touch point ) ★

    1 finger+gesture

    2 fingers

    ≥2 fingers( )

    Resolution ★



    same with LCM resolution

    Suggest it's same resolution with lcd display
    Min. contact(touch spot)





    Contact accuracy mm
    scanning frequency(Report Rate) HZ
    16★  Whether designate CTP controller IC, Please tell us if yes 
    17 Overall transmittance requirements Recommendation:GG>86%,PG>80%
    18 Operation Voltage  Recommendation 2.8V~3.3V
    19 IOVDD  Recommendation .1.8V~3.3V
    20 Power types battery 、LDO、DCBC,or others
    21   Touch operation method(finger or touch pen? ) Suggest Direct finger operation
    22★  FPC Pin assignment
    23★ Cover material Toughened glass is recommended
    Cover surface hardness  Recommention:Toughened glass, ≥6H  ;PET,≥3H;PC,≥1H.
    24★  Cover silkprint requests 
    25★ Whether need unti-reflection,Anti-Fingerprints,anti-glare for cover ? unti-reflection,Anti-Fingerprints,anti-glare will increase the cost.
      26 Whether need water-proof for products? If yes, Please describe the waterproof requirement in detail
      27★ FPC Bonding location up edge, down edge, left edge or right edge 
    Component area size(Is there a limited high requirement?) L: *W: *H: mm
    28★ Touchscreen total thickness mm,Please specify tolerance
    Cover thickness 0.5mm 0.7mm 1.1mm Others( 
    Laminated thickness 0.15mm 0.175mm 0.2mm 0.25mm LOCA(   Others( 
    Sensor thickness 0.33mm 0.4mm 0.5mm 0.55mm Others(  
    29★ Touchscreen reference drawing,Autocad formate Please provide touchscreen drawing, especially for cover silk-printing effect drawing
    30★ FPC connector types  ZIF or BTB,If yes, please provide connector datasheet
    Other requests      31 Product reliability requirements ESD Air discharge condition KV    
    ESD Contact discharge condition KV   
    ESD Free fall height
    32 Product appearance inspection requirements Please provide the appearance inspection standard if you have special request
    Remark:★ is required field
    Compile: Audit: Approval:

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